Filename -> ID3 tag problems


Hello everybody,

I was wondering if it's possible to make nice id3-tags for my mp3 collection. The filenames are as follows:

0001 artist - this is the title 1980.mp3

first part is the track-number (4 digits), then artist, title and year. My target is to get ID3-tags like this:

track: 0001
artist: Artist
title: This Is The Title
year: 1980

I've tried the "Filename -> ID3-tag" option with this string:
$num("%track%",4) $caps(%artist% - %title%) %year%

No result at all, hope one of you guys can solve my problem.

-- Thijs


Scripting is AFAIK not implemented in Filename -> Tag
So only use
00%track% %artist% - %title% %year%
But since the year is not clearly seperated from the title, you won't be able to put it in one step in its place.


Is there a way to capitalize the title and artist?


You can use an Action (ALT+5) to capitalize it afterwards.