Filename on harddisk

Hi All,

I'm a new member, didnt know MP3tag at all, but its a BIG relief! My compliments!
I adjusted all tags easily, but now want to overwrite my harddisk filenames which Ive changed with MP3tag. However I cant get it done, tried for hours. Most likely its a small thing.
Anyone an idea or solution?
Thanks in advance!

Try the function "Tag - filename" (it's in the toolbar - move the mous cursor over the buttons or select the function from the menu Convert or press Alt-1)

The subsequently opening subidalog has an entry field for you to enter a mask which can be filled with tag-variables and text. To find the correct syntax for the variables: use the button with the right arrow to get a list.

A mask very often looks like this:
%track% - %artist% - %title%

If you want to have the same number of digits for the tracks:
$num(%track%,3) - %artist% - %title%

As there is also a converter that lets you read a filename and extract tag information (if there is any), it may be a good idea to use a separator between the fields that usually is not part of a band name or so.
I prefer the underscore _

So your mask may look like this:

$num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %title%
$num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %album% _ %title%

Play with it

Thanks! Ive worked out that one, so my screen gives me exactly what I want> New tags and filenames. But now its 'in' sceen MP3tag, but i want all my files on my harddisk to be replaced by the new names.......

once happy with what's on the screen in the tag > filename (and you can hit preview button to see file name for sure), just select all your files in the active window, hit OK, and it will convert all the names of the files on your harddrive.