Filename -> Tag, based on RegEx manipulation on the existing filename (without renaming)

Hello and a special hello to Mp3tag community regulars.

I would like to know if there is a way to update tags based on a regex manipulation on a filename without resulting in a renamed file (or more).

For example suppose you have this file:
foo - bar [qux].mp3
where: foo is %title% and bar is %artist%
but also you have no use for the part in the brackets and still you want it to stay in the filename.

So, how to update accordingly from: Convert -> Filename - Tag?

Well you can't since you can't use scripting functions there and that's not even implemented.
Maybe something like this would suffice to the scenario:
($regexp(%_FILENAME%,'(.)\ -\ (.)\ [.*',\1 - \2)%title - %artist)

But anyway, I'm doing it with a bunch of intermediate steps, namely:

  • I copy the entire %_FILENAME% to the %comment% tag
    (which I rarely use or have it NON empty)
  • I rename my files somehow
    (for example: using sed in cygwin or with ReNamer)
  • I do all my Convert -> Filename - Tag manipulations
  • I rename the file to be equal to %comment%
  • empty the %comment% tag.

Any ideas/suggestions, please?

What about Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %artist% - %title% [%dummy%]

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What about yes?
Thanks! :smiley: