Filename - Tag, condition if field is missing

I want to use Filename - Tag to bulk add tags from my Folder names.

I have two types of folders:
\%year%.%month%.%day% [%comment%] %album% [%event%]\%dummy%
for example: \1111.11.11 [ABCD-1234] album [XYZ]\filename...
\%year%.%month%.%day% %album% [%event%]\%dummy%
for example: \1111.11.11 album [XYZ]\filename...

They work in isolation but the issue is I cant get mp3tag to do both in one Format string, I have tried:
%year%.%month%.%day%$if2([%comment%],) %album% [%EVENT%]\%dummy%
but it doesn't show anything on the preview.
is $if2 not possible here? what would be best way to do that?

Filter F3 for the folders matching the first type and apply Filename -> Tag.
Then Filter again for your second type and apply Filename -> Tag for only this part of your collection.