Filename - Tag data not shown in TITLE

As for many years I use the function Filename - Tag to extract the title from the filename and save it to "Title". Now I updated to v3.00. It shows the title correctly in the preview window, but does not save it to the tag after pressing "OK".
What did I do wrong?

Thanks and kind regards

Please check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) if you have a field with a slightly different name than TITLE (i.e. a typo).
Also, please check whether there are APE tags in the file and see
which tag versions you read, write and delete.
It could be that you read APE tags but you do not write them and they are out of sync with the ID3Vx tags.

Thanks for the fast reply!
In the tags dialogue (Alt-T) the TITLE is shown correctly, but it is not shown in the tag overview table to the left.
In the tag options for Mpeg, all boxes are ticked and ID3v2.4 UTF-8 is selected.

What about APE tags? You can see their presence either in a column fairly far to the right in the file list if you have not changed the default installation a lot.
Or open the extended tags dialogue (again) and have a look at the window title - if it says "APE" there somewhere then you have them.

APE tags can be a problem as MP3tag shows their contents in favour of ID3V2 and ID3V1. And if APE tags are emtpy, then you do not see the ID3Vx contents.

Go to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
Untick APE in the sections for "Reading" and "Writing".
Press F5 and reload the files.

To see data in the tag panel, you have to select at least one file in the files list.
If all this does not help, check if you have a definition for the same tag field more than once in the tag panel.
Please note that ID3V2.4 tags are not compatible with the Windows explorer.

There were APEv2 tags shown in the tag field - I deleted all tags.
APE boxes read and write are now unticked.
Now selected ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, hope that fits better.
Nevertheless, when I use Filename - Tag, I can see the title in the TITLE field with Alt-T, but not in the tables to the right or to the left.

could you post a screendump of the extended tags dialogue?
(Sorry, that I am that sceptical: but it does not make sense that you see a field in the extended tags dialogue but not in the tag panel or the files list although these displays should reference the same field. So I suspect: they are not the same fields.)
The ISO-Version of the tags is not the best choice. Use the UTF-16 one unless your player does not show any tags at all when you use that character encoding.

Thanks for your support - much apprechiated!
I set the tag version now to UTF-16 as recommended.


Boah - it was a typo. Damn! TITEL instead of TITLE. There was some German thinking in it.
Many thanks once again. Problem solved!

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