Filename-Tag Format

Please can you help how I can convert the following Filename to Tag to the following Format:

The Filename is: Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang (Jam Master's Disco Mix)_pn

When I sue the >> Convert >> Filename - Tag

Format String: %title% - %artist%

The result is:

Title: Summer Madness
Artist: Kool & The Gang (Jam Master's Disco Mix)_pn

This is partial correct but the issues is " (Jam Master's Disco Mix)_pn" is part of the title, How do I get this to be part of the title?

Therefore the result I am looking for is:

Title: Summer Madness (Jam Master's Disco Mix)_pn
Artist: Kool & The Gang

Thankyou in advance for your support

You can do that in 2 steps:

First use this Format String to import 3 parts in your tags:

This will surpress the opening bracket. Therefore you need a second step:
Converter Tag -> Tag
Field: TITLE
Format string:

You could delete the content of COMMENT afterwards.

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