Filename - Tag problem

Hi, I used to use MP3 Tag easily using the filename - tag button to copy a full filename e.g. "Inxs - Baby Don't Cry.mp3" to the Title as "Inxs - Baby Don't Cry" but with the newer version I can't do this.

I have played around with it for about an hour and still can''t get it to do that even after altering all the strings and %% etc. Any ideas how to do it as I have my entire music collection set up in that format.

Was told "you can just use the converter 'Filename > Tag' and use %title% as format string" but tried that and it came out on the Title as "Baby Don't Cry" i.e. without the Artist name. Used to work fine.

Thanks, Rob

The function Convert>Filename-Tag has a preview. There you should be able to see which piece of the filename ends up in which tag.
Also, on the right of the main input box of the function Convert>Filename-Tag dialogue, you see a button with a right-arrow.
Press this button to get a list of tag fields. Select the ones you want to address and do not forget to enter the separators if needed.

%title% should work fine.

Thanks but have already tried all that and can't get the artist part to appear at the beginning of the title. It just seems to ignore that bit. Have tried it on other directories with the same result.

It's ok have seen my error now, thanks

I cannot look over your shoulder - but what you describe is not plausible.
If you tell Mp3tag to put all of the filename (without extension) into just one field, then MP3tag does exactly that.
So you have to make sure that nothing else is left over in the Convert input box when you enter

So perhaps you post a screenshot of the files list with the visible filename and the Convert function input dialogue filled with the format string that you want to use.

And? what was it?

Take some dummy mp3 file, ...
rename the filename to "aaa" or what you like, ...
then use Mp3tag's converter "Filename - Tag", ...
and apply the formatstring ...

What does the converter's preview show?