Filename -> Tag Question

Hello all-
Happy to find forums for this fantastic program. My question is this. I have a series of files that all have the information I need in the file name. Unfortunately, not all of the fields are separated by hyphens. Two examples are:

Zee, Ginny & Group - Bobby Baby 1961 Atco 6218.mp3
Zel, Rita & Group - Don't Understand You No More 1960 J&S 1685.mp3

In both examples (actually, every file I have to tag) is named like this. In the first example, "Atco 6218" needs to go in the album field (in the 2nd example, "J&S 1685" is the album). The field before that ("1961" and "1960", respectively in the examples above) are the year. Everything after the hyphen and before the year are the song titles. (First field is the artist, fwiw).

I realize I can use %dummy% tags in there to bypass the song title and get to the year & album. But how can I tell mp3tag to only take the LAST two fields (in other words, start from the right instead of the left). Not every song will have two words in the title as you can see.

Thanks for reading folks,
~Kyle G.

Hi Kyle,

I think an easy way to solve this would be to let Mp3tag insert hyphens at the appropriate places so that you can use the converter Filename - Tag without skipping parts.

You can do this with an action:

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (.) - (.) (\d{4}) (.).(.)$
Replace matches with: $1 - $2 - $3 - $4.$5

Kind regards,