Filename - Tag: set several fields to same value?

Since I often import freshly ripped CDs where the album artist and artist are one and the same - is there a way to tell MP3Tag to use the same placeholder for both when doing "Filename - Tag" (Alt+2)?

(Yes, I have made a custom action to copy the album artist to the artist, but that's rather cumbersome and I sometimes forget about it...)

I'm currently using the format string

%album%-%album artist%\%track%-%title%

for those CDs; would it be possible to add support for something like

%album%-%artist,album artist%\%track%-%title%

i.e. with a comma or something as a separator in the placeholder?

np: Jared Emerson-Johnson - Hugh's Inner Sanctum (Sam & Max Season One OST (Disc 2))