Filename -> Tag with brackets


First, thanks to the developers for this soft, which I find quite useful...
Well, here's my problem: I've set up the Filename to tag conversion to
%artist% - %title% (%comment%)

The problem is that many files don't have any brackets, which are mainly used for remixes etc. In the latter case, no tag editing is done, not even for the 'artist' and 'title' fields. I thought about appending '()' after every filename, but I don't want to if a file already contains a remix name, that is non-empty brackets.
Anyone has an idea how to solve that? __"


You can try to use only:
%artist% - %title%
for Filename-Tag
and then use an Action with "Guess Value"
enter in the 2 fields:
%title% (%comment%)

if there is (...) text in the title, it will put the (...) in the comment field and remove it from title.



I think you can use Mp3tag's filter feature for finding all files with brackets.

First enable the filter bar using View, Filter... or by pressing [F3].

To find all files with an filename ending with a closed bracket choose _FILENAME as field and use the following regular expression )..{3}$

To filter out all the files which are ending with a closing bracket just use this regular expression [^)]..{3}

Edit: dano was faster and came up with a nicer solution :smiley:

Best regards,
~ Florian


Both of you are fast! :slight_smile:

  1. I've just tried dano's solution, it works, but the 'title' field is left with the brackets (and what's in between)...
    So what I think I could do after that is to erase the brackets expression in 'title' field using 'Replace', but I don't know the syntax for "anything". I've tried with the star character, but didn't work... Basically, I want to replace ("anything") by "nothing".

  2. I have another question for you guys :stuck_out_tongue: : how can I transform the filename
    Frankie Feliciano - The real thing(Ricanstruction edit).mp3
    Frankie Feliciano - The real thing (Ricanstruction edit).mp3
    ?Here again, I've unsuccesfully tried to Replace "_ALL": "*(" -> " (".

  3. Same thing to transform
    Frankie Feliciano - The real thing (Ricanstruction edit) .mp3
    Frankie Feliciano - The real thing (Ricanstruction edit).mp3
    Replace "_ALL": " .mp3" -> ".mp3" doesn't seem to work either.

Thanks a lot!


I think replacing

([^ ])\(


$1 (

should work.







Both do not work :'
I'm off to bed... almost 7 am O_o"... not really reasonable when you got class the day after... well... the same day... Anyways, I'll be back soon, thanks for all.


Both Regular Expressions Sebastian suggested are working fine here (I've used _FILENAME as field, but this doesn't matter).

Please be a little more specific and describe what isn't working and what are your results.

~ Florian


My fault!
I didn't choose "Regular Expression" but a simple "Replace"...
Concerning the former problem (comments and brackets), I'll use Florian's suggestion.
Now that everything works fine, I just can thank you guys! See you... :slight_smile:


If you use the action type Guess value instead of Format value which was introduced with the current Development Build, dano's suggestion will work too.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Damn i meant "Guess Value" ofc. :astonished:


You right :smiley: