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This program is awesome! Finally the ability to easily edit FLAC tags!

Anyway, onto my problem.

I'm a newb, so bear with me....

I want change the tags from this file:

0003 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird.mp3

I have searched and experimented with the pinned notes and all support questions and the help file, but I must be missing something.

I would like to have it output the tags as such:

Artist = Lynrd Skynyrd
Title= Free Bird

I seem to be able to get it to make the artist tag "0003 Lynyrd Skynyrd", but that's not what I want. I've played around with it a bit, but can't seem to get it right.

What EXACTLY do I need to enter?




enter %track% %artist% - %title% as format string at Converter, Filename - Tag.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Here's something a little tougher. I want to extract the year from the YYYYMMDD in files like this:

19280717 - The Presidental Election 1928.mp3
19290608 - May Lose Taxi Company.mp3
19290609 - Ruby Taylor Arrives.mp3
19290620 - Letter from Detroit.mp3
19290621 - Andy's Higher Math.mp3
19290622 - Earl Dixon Stages Robbery.mp3
19290623 - Amos is Arrested.mp3
19290628 - Mr Taylor Posts Bail.mp3
19290629 - Amos Out On Bail.mp3
19290703 - Andy's Law Book.mp3
19290705 - Amos Worried About Court.mp3

%year%0%dummy% works for these, but I want it to work in every case.



%year%%year%%year%%year%%dummy% amost works!

"C:\Mp3~Share\0401\Amos & Andy\19280717 -- The Presidental Election 1928.mp3" ->
year: 1 9 2 8

Now if we could just get rid of the spaces. The function :


doesn't work either as it is write-only.


you could read in the year in ur YYYYMMDD format in the tag field and then delete the last 4 digits with an action with a regular expression
relpace with $1


That would work, but there really is a need for something simple in parsing the filename. That would be something like '?' standing for exactly one character. There is already an equivalent for '*' and that is '%dummy%'

%year%???? - %dummy%

doesn't work of course. The program deals fine with delimited sections, but not those of fixed length.



Dano already suggested a nice and simple solution for your very special problem. Please try out the Multi Rename Wizard of Total Commander to insert a delimiter, if you don't like the solution.

Best regards,
~ Florian


The Total Commander solution is similar to the d4n0 solution. It's a workaround to a simple placeholder that is missing in the Filename->Tag routine. What's so tough about having a parameter that matches any single character?

My solution was to export the file in csv format to Excel where I parsed the year out of the track number and copied the result into a taglist file. Is this what you might call a kludge?

In any case this is a great program overall!


I would like to use the following filename:


to produce:


Is it possible to batch process this? (It appears that there is an issue arising from the use of "-".)

Would it be any simpler if the filename were first changed to:

66-02-25 10.mpg

If this ends up requiring regexp, my limited knowledge is based on Spam Assassin and a "primer" link would be herzlich wilkommen.


Yes, then you'd only have to use a formatstring like %title% %track% to import the information to the tag with the Filename - Tag function.

Best regards,
~ Florian


This is where my comment:

comes in: a string like

66-02-25 10.mpg

is only accepted in full - %title% or %track%.

%title% %track% produces no result at all.


%title% %track% will only work, if there is a space in the filename. The format string always has to match the filename.

~ Florian