Filename - Title Tag?

Hi, i just registered to ask something.
I downloaded a soundtrack of 300 songs, with no tags, anything.
Exept that the songs are correctly named (example: "Metallica - Enter the SandMan.mp3", but they're not taged.
Is there any command, or any way to put the trackname, on the Title Tag?

i don't want to edit each song 1 per 1, copy-pasting the track name and inserting it on the title tag.
well, i hope this can be possible =) thanks a lot, and this program rules!, it's easy to use and it's pretty fast.

Yes, use the converter Filename - Tag with a format string

%artist% - %title%



Kind regards,

omg thanks a lot man! it worked!
you guys can close this thread now, srry for my noob questions.