Filename to Artist Tag Question

So, I've searched around and can't seem to find a direct answer to this question. I've tried several different routes, all with limited or zero success.

Here is my filename.
Coldplay (2014) - A Sky Full of Stars.mp3

I'm only trying to fill the ARTIST column for the tag (which is now blank for all my files), and nothing else (those are fine already).

What I want the artist field to say is

However, whenever I try to convert Filename - Tag (using %artist% - %dummy%) it shows up as
Coldplay (2014)

I want to DELETE the (2014) from the artist tag, without deleting the (2014) from the filename itself.

I tried a script that deletes a certain number of characters from a side, and while that works for Coldplay, it won't work for other songs that have shorter/longer names.

ANY ideas? I'm going crazy with this (seemingly simple question).

Covert Filename - Tag
Format string: %artist% (%dummy%

This works. Many thanks! :smiley: