Filename to Filename Conversion

I am working with a large number of files that all have consistent filenames. Each file name consists of three parts, %1, %2, and %3. Often, parts %1 and %2 are the same for multiple files. However, one part of the filename %3, is a person’s actual name. This avoid two files having the exact same name. For demo and documentation purposes, I would like to convert the actual person’s name to a different placeholder name, perhaps “Person 001” (you know, to protect the innocent). I know filename-filename conversion can almost do this. Starting with: %1 %2 %3, I can convert this to: %1 %2 Person

Is there any way I can get mp3tag to increment a number so that each filename will end up with a unique “Person” identifier(e.g. Person 001, Person 002, Person 003, etc.)? I’m looking that $add(x,y) scripting function, but would welcome some help. Thanks!

I am not sure what you want to do:
Do you want to get a unique Person xyz for each individual person e.g.
Frank is Person001
Peter is Person002

and every time that Frank is part of the name you want to insert "Person001"?

I doubt that this is possible without export.

If, on the other hand, you only want to add an increasing number, there is the counter
You can add that to the filename.
The counter does not reset, though, but counts all elements in a selection.

Very cool! Almost works. I have filename %1_%2_%3. I have the following conversion:


I'm getting the conversion with the number stating at "000". However, the counter does not increment and keeps generating "000". The process stops when mp3tag runs into the occurrence where %1 and %2 was an exact match of a preceding file because the counter is stuck at "000". Thank you so much for any advice.

What about an action of the type "Format value" for FILENAME
Format string: $regexp(%filename%,(.*)(.*)