Filename to filename conversions

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or there is a bug.

I have a file name in this format

01 The Beatles - Yesterday.mp3

I would like to convert the file name to

The Beatles - Yesterday.mp3

I am using

%1 %2 - %3


%2 - %3

The Preview and Ok buttons remain disabled like there is something wrong with my selections or the option is disabled/crippled.


If the pattern that you specified for the source does not match the source then you cannot convert the string.
For testing purposes you could start with something easy:
Enter %1 for source and target (this will lead to the same output string so it is more or less pointless)
Now append the source string with the the %2 part and see if you get an error.
Then append the source string with the %3 part and see if still everything is ok.

If the source is ok, then define the target pattern.

If the source and target pattern that you showed are really the ones that are present, then it should work. So it could be that the source string has some special characters like a long hyphen or a wide blank in it which are not the same as the minus and the ordinary space character.

Thanks for the quick response. I can't seem to remember which files I originally tried this on but I have tried many others, using your suggestions. They are all working so thanks for the help.

I also see that the resulting file name is displayed as you are modifying the old and new keys, pretty cool.