Filename to Filename on Mac

I'm so happy with the MacOs version. It's so user friendly compared to Wine :stuck_out_tongue:

But, in the Windows version, I'm using a lot the "filename to filename" converter.
Is there a way to do that on the MacOs version? I didn't find anything about that...


Hi and welcome!

Many thanks for the feedback! Happy you like it :slight_smile:

The Filename - Filename converter doesn't exist (yet?) in Mp3tag for Mac. I wasn't sure if it's used that much at all.

Do you maybe have a common use case for that, where I can suggest an alternative solution?

I used a lot the filename > filename converter to move the featuring artists at the end of the filename and when I have extra info such: radio edit, remastered... I put them between [ ]

Without extra info
Old name: %1 '- '%2' (feat. '%3')' - %4
New name: %1 '- '%2 - %4' (feat. '%3')'

With extra info
Old name: %1 - %2 feat. %3 - %4 (%5)
New name: %1 '- '%2 - %4' (feat. '%3')' '['%5']'

I have found a trick to move the featuring artists after the title.
%title% (feat. $mid(%artist%,$add($strstr(%artist%,'feat.'),6),$len(%artist%))))

But I have no idea to make a condition when there are extra info and put them between [ ]

If you have a solution...
Many thanks for your help ^^

I found a trick. I'm not a developer at all but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

$replace($ifgreater(%discnumber%,0,$num(%discnumber%,2)'-',)$num(%track%,2) - $ifgreater($strstr(%artist%,'feat.'),0,$left(%artist%,$strstr(%artist%,' feat.'))- $ifgreater($strstr(%title%,'('),0,$trim($mid(%title%,0,$sub($strstr(%title%,'('),1),$len(%title%))),%title%) (feat. $mid(%artist%,$add($strstr(%artist%,'feat.'),6),$len(%artist%)))$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,'('),0, $replace($mid(%title%,$strstr(%title%,'('),$len(%title%),0),'(','[',')',']'),),%artist% - $if($neql($strchr(%title%,'('),$strrchr(%title%,'(')),$mid(%title%,0,$sub($strchr(%title%,'('),1))$mid(%title%,$strchr(%title%,'('),$add($sub($strchr(%title%,')'),$strchr(%title%,'(')),1)) $replace($mid(%title%,$strrchr(%title%,'('),$len(%title%)),'(','[',')',']'),%title%)),'?',,'/','-',':','-',' :',' -',' ?',,' ',' ')

02-04 - Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) [radio edit]
02-07 - Matt Houston - Positif (feat. P-Square)

Wow! This is quite complex :sweat_smile: I take it as a motivation to work on the Filename - Filename converter.

Ahahah. I think it can be done with regular expressions to simplify but I'm a n00b with regex :stuck_out_tongue: