Filename to Tag Action

Is it possible to create an Action that will perform the same action as the "Filename to Tag" command that is under the Convert menu?

All of my files are named with the Artist - Title format and would like to add an action to my other actions, so I can get everything done with one click.

Can this be done?

Action: Guess values
Source format: %_FILENAME%
Guessing pattern (example): %TRACK% - %ARTIST% - %TITLE%


Thanks, but unfortunately, you lost me. What are "Guess Values"?

In a custom action, I only have 2 choices, FIELD and FORMAT STRING. Can you elaborate...or dumb it down for me :slight_smile: Sorry.

You have asked for an action as a replacement for the converter "Filename -Tag"... and Mp3tag provides an action of type "Guess values", which can do what you want to do ...