Filename to Tag action

I can't seem to get this simple action down. I've searched around here.

I have a filename: Track - Artist - Title

I need to create an action to parse the "Artist" & "Filename" into their associated tags. What Action Type should I be using?

What? I thought that you already have a filename?!

If you want to get the artist out of
Track - Artist - Title
you may use Convert>Filename-Tag
%dummy% - %artist% - %dummy%
The same can be achieved with an action of the type "Guess values" for _FILENAME
Guessing pattern is the same as for the Convert function.
If you want to get all the information from the filename (which you should if you have not already got it), use:
%Track% - %Artist% - %Title%
From this structured data you can create almost any filename you want.

Thank you ohrenkino! The guess value action type worked! As for the "%Filename%" parse....yeah, i need to proofread better early in the morning. lol