Filename to Tag and Actions

Want to set MP3tag so filenames convert to artist-track in the tag.

Yet when I do this each time I convert a file I get a preview dialouge box. i don't desire to see that.

Have also set the actions to put a desciption in my Comments space.

When I click on actions I get a dialogue box which shows all the actions available and I have to choose my comments before the tag will be updated

any way to get around the preview dialouge when converting from filename to artist/track title and configure the actions to stop this erratic behavior?


This box can't be disabled.

You can directly choose your action group from the drop-down menu that was introduced with Mp3tag v2.40.

Thanks I went back to 2.39 that way I don;t have to click on the format string with each file.
and since I wanted to add a comment with each file and set that up in actions another click is required.