Filename to Tag conversion

Hi Guys,

I plan of adding new tags to all of my music folders after removing all the current ones with id3kill.

I have downloaded the latest version of mp3tag and dont know exactly how to use the software? Tried the FAQ and still cant get the hang of it so im asking for your kind help in taking me though it step by step.

I have 2,386 Albums (Folders) and 33,461 Tracks (Files)

I have it arranged like so...

With the tracks like this...

  1. How would i write the tags to match the way the artist, year, album and tracks are currently formatted?

  2. How to write the tags to multiple folders/files bearing in mind the amount of music i have

  3. How to add album art using the JPEG in each folder

Your help will be greatly appreciated on this guys!

Many Thanks In Advance!


Huh? This is very confusing..... It's a bit unclear to me as to what you want to do

How I see it.. you want to have all of the tags blank/empty (or you want to replace them)

Buy reading the file name.......

in Laymans wha i under stand is > You want to import the tags from the file name?

Am i right?

Yeh i want the tags to match the folder and filenames, ie:

Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars
Year: 2009
Album: This Is War
Track: 01 - Escape

So they come up as the same as above on the likes of an ipod or Zune which sort the files as per the id3 tags


Try looking at convert -> filename to tag and look at the help

You seem to have a decent file structure, so should be relatively painless


I tried to convert the tag of the filename '01 - Escape' from the album '30 Seconds To Mars - 2009 - This Is War' but It doesnt preview anything to do with the folder name?

Could you talk me through how to tag this album please?

And then how to write tags to my whole music collection with not having to select every individual album?

Apologies for the noob questions by the way


Assuming all your albums are held under
F:\MyDocuments\sweep\My Music\

The following format string works
F:\MyDocuments\sweep\My Music\%artist% - %year% - %album%\%track% - %title%

I tested this with one track and the artist year album are populated

Basically it works on the full path. You could start up by dragging single tracks over into mp3tag and saving
Then doing a folder for the whole album at a time
Then doing an album for an artist
and if your feeling really brave, the folder that contains your whole music collection

1 Just cos it worked with one, doesn't mean it's foolproof
2 You will end up with track numbers such as 01, 02 etc. I'm not sure if that causes problems with players that expect them to be 1,2 etc


Doesn't this assume all his music is in one lower directory. Is there some way to use:

F:\MyDocuments\sweep\My Music\%artist%\%album%\%track% - %title%

So that mp3tag reconizes the directory structure it is reading from?

Good spot
Sorry yes my copy and paste went wrong for some reason
F:\MyDocuments\sweep\My Music\%artist% - %year% - %album%\%track% - %title%

I'll edit my other post too

Not sure how to deal with your - CD1 suffixes you have on some albums

Usually you don't add a full path to the converter.

%artist% - %year% - %album%\%track% - %title%
should be fine.

Haven't done it myself but I recall that you can add "dummy" fields in your naming structure so that it ignores certain parts of the file name. Maybe the OP can separate out the tracks that have CD1,2, etc. and create tags for them separately using this approach.