Filename to TAG, how does it work?


Hi, Very nice program you have here!

1 function I cannot seem to get working.
how do I get the filename in the tagfield without to much typing?

Grusse von Holland!




If your file name is something like "Toto - Africa.mp3", your woul type in "%artist% - %title%".

The answer to your question is also described in the MP3Tag help.



To kind... The problem is I cannot find the function I need or the function I try does not work.

I was under the impression this forum was for helping people, sorry I asked.

As my native tongue is NOT English I'm having trouble unserstanding it all. Certainly hope sombody is willing to point out in more detail how i can do this.

tag > filenaam does not do it here or I misunderstand the function.




Press ALT+2 to open the Filename-Tag Converter