Filename to Tag - insert brackets in tag title

Hi to all,

i would like to put the remix / original mix at the end of the tag title but in brackets.

my filenames are formatted: Jnorton - Yoyo - Original Mix.mp3
I use this sting: %artist% - %title% - %title%
I get this output: Artist: Jnorton, Title: Yoyo Original Mix
I would like to have this output: Artist: Jnorton, Title: Yoyo (Original Mix)

Is this possible?

I have this workaround:

filename to tag with: %artist% - %title% - %comment%
then tag to tag title with: %title% (%comment%)

this gives the desired output, but in two steps.

Any help appreciated.



That is no workaround, that is the way to do it.


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