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I often use Filename to Tag conversion but it puts the track number and the name into the tag field. Then I need to manually edit each track to remove the track number from within the tag. I would like to know how to change it so it does not load the track number.

You'd need to distinguish between track and title also in the format string. Please see

and if this doesn't help, please send an example filename so that we can give matching suggestions for the format string to use.

Thanks Florian, but due to my very limited programming skills I am unable to get it to work. Using %dummy% doesn't seem to do anything???
My example is:
Filename = 01 I'll Go Crazy.mp3
I want to copy to tag = I'll Go Crazy (exclude the "01 ")

Can you share the syntax for this?
Thanks, Andy

if you use the Convert Filename -> Tag ALT + 2 you can see immediately in the preview if your format string works as expected. You can start with
%dummy% %title%
This would skip the text/numbers before the first space (send it to dummy = send it to nowhere) and then write everything after the space into the TITLE tag.

Thanks, that worked! I was missing the space between the %dummy% and %title%

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