Filename to Tag Okay button grayed out


I've been trying to get the "Filename - Tag" to work, but it won't. Whenever I open it the OK button is grayed out and won't let me click it. Please help and thanx in advance.

You have to enter a mask to tell mp3tag which part of the filename should end up in which tag.
A filename like

01 I can't get no Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones.mp3

would send, if you used such a mask:
%track% %title% - %artist%

the 01 to the field track,
I can't get no satisfaction to the field title
The Rolling Stones to the field artist.

The right-arrow-button display a list of possible tag variables from which you can choose. You also get a preview which data lands in which tag.

Hi ohrenkino,

I'm am having the same problem than shockerama, and I came to the conclusion this looks too much like a bug to me to not be reported. So here it goes:

Steps to reproduce:

:slight_smile: the default string was shit. Had too many %thingys% I deleted one and than it worked

Ps: Thx everyone who's working on this thing!

The "problem" is that your mask does not reflect the pattern of your filename. E.g. you have too many blanks between the hyphens.
So your filename has a number, a blank, a hyphen, a blank, a string, a blank, a hyphen, a number, a hyphen, a number.
I cannot see a part in that filename that looks like an artist.
So I would use the following mask:
%track% - %title% - %dummy%-%discnumber%

The %dummy% is for that part that looks like a repetition of the track number.