Filename to Tag. Optional 3rd field possible?

Hi, my mp3 filenames are formatted with an optional third field. They would be either:
Artist A-Song B.mp3 or
Artist A-Song B-Remixed by C.mp3

Is there a way to make this third field optional when either using the Convert Filename to Tag or my own Custom Action? Using either the Convert or the Guess Values action seems to break if I don't have the third field (and second '-' deliminator.) My experimentation with square brackets has been unsuccessful - %artist%-%title%[-%track%]

Is the only way I can do this is to filter the files first into those two different formats and run separate Converts/Actions? Or is there a way of using '[' ']' optional brackets?

FYI. My goal is to move those three fields into Title, Artist and Track fields, then formatting the Title field to Title (Track) if the track field is populated, then remove the Track field.
Title : Song B (Remixed by C)
Artist : Artist A

Is there a better strategy to use? How would you do this?

Thank you in advance.


@ohrenkino wrote in his answer:

Your strategy using filters seems to be the best way.

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