Filename to tag rename question


I am always using filename to tag when I buy or rip stuff. Works great, appart from one part which I cannot get to work properly. I am using the format bellow for my folders and files.

Album Artist - Album Source Year\Track Artist - Title

Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool (Volume One) CDM 1994\03 Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool (Future Sound Of London Remix).flac

If I use the correct filter with source given, it works great:
%albumartist% - %album% CDM %year%\%track% %artist% - %title%

The problem is I have to switch them manualy changing the word of the source (CDM, VINYL, WEB). I thought I could use %dummy% instead but if I do the album and year part is messed up. This makes batch renaming hard since I have to rename source by soruce.

%albumartist% - %album% %dummy% %year%\%track% %artist% - %title%

That will make album "Liquid" in the example above, always just the first word of the album, and year "(Volume One) CDM 1994". The "Cool" part is lost.

What I want is simply to skip the format part and not use it in a tag, but not have to change it manually in the filter so that one filter works for all formats. The format is always one word given in upper case before year, which is always the last word.

Maybe I should say that using %dummy% does work for me, when the album is only one word. More than that and it be like in the example above.

I appreciate any help or ideas.

Danceographic Ocean

The problem is the missing unique delimiter between album and source. Your current workaround is to use the source as delimiter. Using %dummy% for source would make the blank space character the delimiter — which doesn't work, if it's also used in the album name.

I suggest renaming your folders to have a unique delimiter between album and source. You can use an action "Replace with regular expression" for field _DIRECTORY with

^(.+) - (.+) ([[:upper:]]+) (\d+)$

as regular expression and

$1 - $2 - $3 $4

as replacement.

After that

%albumartist% - %album% - %dummy% %year%\%track% %artist% - %title%

works at converter "Filename - Tag".

Thank you very much! The help is very appriciated!

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