Filename-to-Tag -- Specific Elements in 2.35


I just upgraded to 2.35. In previous versions, when using the Filename-to-Tag tool, one could select which elements of the file name were added to the tag information. For example, if working with a file called 01 - untitled.mp3 I could build a query like

%track% - %title%

and then remove the check box from the Title field such that only the track numbers would be populated. The Filename to Tag feature is very useful when tag information is incomplete, but often times the filename is also incomplete.

In 2.35, the checkboxes that would allow me to take only specific elements from the file name are gone. Is there a way to re-enable these?


Am I starting to have Alzheimer's disease? I really don't remember MP3Tag having such a feature. Maybe it was there when MP3Tag was using the short placeholders. :unsure:

Anyways, you can always write the string on your own like %artist%\%album%\%track%. %title% for example.

Edit: Just wondering - did the interface you are talking about look like this: