Filename to Tag

Hi all, I need convert full path of filename to album tag field.

For example:
"D:\Music\2015\Sven Väth\Eats Everything - Vertigo.mp3" ->
album: Music\2015\Sven Väth (including backslash)

How to I do this?

Mp3tag offers several ways to reach the goal, here is one proposal.

Convert "Tag-Tag"
Field: ALBUM
Formatstring: $replace('^'%_path%'$','^D:',,''%_filename_ext%'$',)
Result: Music\2015\Sven Väth

Replace also the backslashes ...
Formatstring: $replace('^'%_path%'$','^C:',,''%filename_ext%'$',,'','')
Result: Music_2015_Sven Väth

DD.20170610.0946.CEST, DD.20170611.0705.CEST