Filename to Tag

I'm having trouble with a particular set of files. They're classical MP3s. I have a file name such as....(for instance)

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem (K. 626) - Lacrimosa.mp3

It carries no tag inside. Well, try as I might I can't come up with the parse line for this. I did it once and it made the number 001. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the artist Requiem (K. 626) and the Title Lacrimosa. Something like that. I think the "." is what's throwing it out. But that's just a guess.... HELP?

%track%. %artist% - %album% - %title%

Thanks! That's great. I figured it out by trial and error. Mostly error. I didn't get the %track%. right. My numbers have dots behind them. I'll fix it now. Thanks to you!

Now I have to figure out how to put a picture into each file tag.....My "action" thing doesn't show that option.