filename to title

I have approximately 5000 songs in my folder and when I updated Mp3Tag all my titles are showing correctly in "filename" but over half are missing from the "title" column. I have removed the update and gone back th version 2.42 but it is still showing the same. To start filling in all the titles in the "titles " column will take for ever. Is there a way to export them to show in the "titles" column.
Thank you

You seems to be getting sightly mixed up with what filename and title are. The filename can contain different info such as artist - title.. But title should only contain the title of the track. But in your case the filename hosts just the title. And some or most of your title tags are empty.

Go to actions and use:
Field: TITLE
Format String: %_filename%

this will fill the title with the correct info. That s if you have only the title in the filename. But you can use different values in the format action to do the job. Test this on a few files first to allow you to see whats happens quickly without having to wait for your full library.

Hello Stevehero and thank you for trying to help me. Unfortunately when I go into Action it only has Case Conversion/ CD-R/Standard. What I am hoping to do is fill all the missing titles en bloc if it at all possible, otherwise it's going to take weeks doing every file one at a time.

Click the button to the left of :mt_act: button and you will see.

Just as easy: use the converter filename - tag and enter
as mask.

Thank you both for the information that you are giving, what I am doing is clicking on a song then opening converter then filename-tag and it is doing what I require, but doing every song individually is going to take a long time and I wondered if there is any way of batch converting.

Hit Ctrl + A and then run. This selects all file and also works in windows explorer and most other applications.

Steve I have tried your suggestion but all that does is highlight all my music files when all I want to do is to copy the files from my filename column to my title column. The files would appear to have crossed from the title column to the filename column when I updated Mp3tag to this version

yes ctrl + A and then run the action as described by either me or ohrenkino. Simple.

May I apologise to you both as I wasn't following the instructions fully but I have now done exactly as you said and it has saved me hours and hours of work as it has filled all the titles in correctly. Once again a big thank you to you both for that help.