filename ? ver 3.3.0 mass edit regular expression?

New question.. I got the previous ones... ok so now i try to edit Version 1 and version 2 so they look the same and i make the changes and save them but it dosent work ... i leave the folder and them come back the changes dont stick.. grrrr. it must be something im doing any suggestions..... please excuse the caps below just didnt want peeps wasting time answering silly questions for me...

Just want to say this program is very cool!!! and im kinda new and know nothing about regular expressions . ***** also on ver 3.30 where is "make new action" ive looked and looked i even went to the neighbors house and looked there.... So

is there a way "expression" and how do i use change the file name and copy artist to the artist column FIGURED IT OUT....
ie: this is what my file looks like.

filename artist genre
Robert_Palmer - Every_Kinda_People

as you can see artist is blank.. so basically i want to break up file name and copy (artist) to the correct column. FIGURED IT OUT
so it looks like this
Every Kind of People Robert Palmer DOR (dance Orientated rock) etc etc...

Second quest. "genre" is there a way to label each file , all genre the same.
ie. 400 mp3 in the rock folder Genre is blank on all... can i do them all at the same time. FIGURED IT OUT

third quest. i want the file name and the title to be the same.. which in my case is "song name" FIGURED IT OUT

fourth quest. how do i clear the whole column, lets say "album" FIGURED IT OUT

You should take some rest, cool down and maybe you will realize you're in the wrong forum.
You're not using Mp3tag, this program does not have a version 3.3.0