Filename wont change

Hi all. Greetings from Kenya.

So am new to Mp3tag, using the latest version. I downloaded about 1500 old music songs from a Telegram group, but as you know telegram saves its files in a document folder by naming them some funny number sequence.

Luckily, the songs are stored with all the tags, & I only wanted to change the filename, which I have done successfully, but after saving & closing mp3tag, I find the changes I wanted in the music folder are not successful, the file names still hold the funny telegram sequence number & not what I renamed.

Am I doing something wrong? Kindly help.

Before I can try to find out what might have gone wrong, I would like to hear as exact as possible what you did so far.
What kind of files are these?
Which function did you use?
Which parameters did you use with this function?
Did you get any error messages?
Such things.

The files are mp3 files.

Am quite new at using the software. I went to:

Add directory
Located the folder containing the files
Selected the folder (Files came up on the mp3tag).
Rightclicked on filename & selected customize columns.
In the columns table, I selected file name & changed value from %Filename% to %Title% then ok.
This replaced the funny numbered filenames with real names of the files.
I clicked on the blue save disk button, the files filenames appear as I want on mp3tag but have not changed in the folder.

I did not get any error messages.

This is the way to define the columns in Mp3Tag. It has nothing to do with changing filenames or tags. The columns show what is in the tags. So with changing the value of the filename-column to %title% you only tell Mp3tag to show the title in the filename-column which does not make any sense.

To change the filename take the convert-menue-item and select "Tag- Filename" and write a format-string of your choice, i.e. %title% or "%artist% -%title%" or any other.