filenames and titles

hi, I'm new to using MP3 tag. Well... I finished tagging hundreds of files, and thought I had figured out how to use this program 100%. But something is not quite write. When I play the files, the filename is correct, the title is correct, but the actual audio is not! Or should I have said that vice-versa? Oh well, For instance, if I play "thriller" by michael jackson, the file name says "thriller" the title says "thriller" but the song that's played is "billy jean"! (those titles don't represent what I listen to, I just needed to use examples everyone would recognize). Why could this be? I usually edit with MOST of my files are WMA, but there are also many MP3's. I have it configured to read ID3v2 and v1 and Write only ID3v2. I always rename the files, then "convert" the filename to match the title. I have no idea what is going on. I was under the impression that mp3tag supports WMA, but maybe not? Anyway, I have hundreds of messed up files like this now, and I have no idea how to fix them! I think I may have to either manually fix each song, or re-rip the CD's! Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.

Try this: Mark an album in the mp3tag window and choose freedb as source of tagging instead of amazon (which - knowing from own experience :frowning: often give wrong tags).
And once you got the tags correct you can do a tag->filename conversion.