Filenames to tag when hyphens are not present

Tried many suggestions but can no work this out yet...
Would like to create a tag (artist - album) from 2 parts of the last directory and use the artist and album name to create the directory structure.

Current files:

\pathtofiles\Rock Music by John Smith\1.mp3
\pathtofiles\Rock Music by John Smith\2.mp3
\pathtofiles\Rock Music by John Smith\3.mp3
\pathtofiles\Rock Music by John Smith\4.mp3

\pathtofiles\Dance Music by Angela Smith\1.mp3
\pathtofiles\Dance Music by Angela Smith\2.mp3
\pathtofiles\Dance Music by Angela Smith\3.mp3
\pathtofiles\Dance Music by Angela Smith\4.mp3

Hope to get this result

\pathtofiles\John Smith \Rock Music
John Smith - Rock Music 1.mp3
John Smith - Rock Music 2.mp3
John Smith - Rock Music 3.mp3
John Smith - Rock Music 4.mp3

\pathtofiles\Angela Smith \Dance Music
Angela Smith - Dance Music 1.mp3
Angela Smith - Dance Music 2.mp3
Angela Smith - Dance Music 3.mp3
Angela Smith - Dance Music 4.mp3

thank you in advance.

What data do you have in the fields ARTIST, ALBUM, TRACK?
If the tag fields are still empty, I would import them first.
Filenames are no tags.

tags are empty - thus the reason for trying to populate them from the directory structure/filename.

Try Converter>Filename-Tag with
%album% by %artist%\%track%

And then try Converter>Tag-Filename with
Format string: %artist% - %album% %track%

and then Converter>Tag>Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: d:\my music\%artist%\%album%
Of course, you have to set the correct path start instead of d:\my music

perfect - thank you so much for your prompt help.

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