Filenames VS Titles

So here's what I've been doing. For the last 4 hours I've meticulously named all my mp3's using the filename so that I can load my Zune with mp3s that have cover art and proper names.

So I looked up the albums on the zune software only to find that they were still titled track 1, track 2, track 3, etc. I am frustrated beyond belief to find that I've spend all this time typing for nothing. If I had known I had to name the title field, I wouldn't be here.

Is there a way to batch convert all the titles into the filenames that I just spent so much time creating? My eyes hurt, my body hurts and I have nothing to show for all that work.

Can anyone please advise on what to do? Or do I have to spend another 5 hours doing this? I know I can cut and paste but that's tedious and I don't want to go through this again. Such a pain...

Any help appreciated...

If possible can someone give step by step instructions? I am new to this so don't really understand instructions with %'s in them etc. Unless you can explain that too. I would be so grateful for assistance

There is the function Convert>Filename-Tag in the menu and/or toolbar.

Select the files for which you want to put the data from the filename into the field TITLE.
Open Convert>Filename-Tag
enter as format string: %title%
The preview should guide you.

Now: if you have further information in the filename like the track number or the artist name, you could try to extract that as well, e.g. the filename is:
01 - Madonna - Vogue.mp3

then the format string:
%track% - %artist% - %title%
would put the 01 into the track number, "Madonna" into ARTIST and "Vogue" into TITLE.

Awesome because it worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much!!! It worked and it's a piece of cake now! lol I am so glad I don't have to type them all in over and over again!