Hi All and thank you for reading this.
My job is to take mp3s from labels and make them available for download (Goombah). Things work best if the filenames have no spaces. So far, I've had to manually rid all spaces/renaming each one by one. I don't know enough about Perl to do this and couldn't find a ready-made script online. MP3TAG is a God send, but I haven't been able to do this with it yet.
Files now are artist-title.mp3
I'd prefer no other dashes other than 1 seperator.
Here's an example filename:

Can MP3TAG do this sort of thing yet?
Please advise.


you can strip spaces using an action (convert -> action):

  1. create new action goup

  2. enter a name (like "remove spaces")

  3. create a new action

  4. select "replace" for action type

  5. field: "_FILENAME"

    original: " "
    replace by ""