Files not found/editable after moving

After using the "tag to filename" function with moving files to another directory, the filelist is still available in Mp3TagEditor but it is not possible to change something. The "connection" after moving is lost.
After moving, the list items should be refresh the file handle too.

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Check which setting you have in Ctrl-OOptions>General>Keep moved files in file list

The files should retain their "connection" after moving in case they're kept in the File List. Can you show which format string and file/directory structure led to the issue you're describing?

I did some tests an now I can say, that the problem occurs sporadicly.
I use the follwing format string:

$if(%discnumber%,$if($not($isdigit(%discnumber%)),LP %discnumber%%track%,CD $num(%discnumber%,1) - $num(%track%,2)),$num(%track%,2)) - $left(%album%,30) - $left(%artist%,30) - $left(%title%,50)

I add a list of flac files with simple names like 01.flac, 02.flac...
After tag to filename and click on the refresh icon I get the error
The files on disc are renamed correctly.

I can't reproduce this with the limited information you're providing. Can you identify the situations where the problem occurs and provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it?