Files not seen in 64-bit Windows 7

I have used your program for years in Windows 7, 32-bit. I just installed it in a new Windows 7 64-bit machine. (I have the latest revision, 2.58.) My first command was to change directories, but no matter what directory I select, the program says it can't find suitable files. They are all .mp3 files, and there are lots of them. What have I done wrong? THANKS.

Expect, I would say.
The standard windows dialogue for selecting folders does not show files.

I too am running Windows 7 64-bit and use MP3Tag (along with Musicbrainz) and have no problems since they both are set to only write ID3v2.3 Display problems arise only when the audio files isn't ID3v2 or I lack a proper preview handler for the audio format.

Perhaps you have somehow modified the tag from ID3v2.3 which displays fine in Windows to ID3v2.4 which Windows doesn't comprehend. Or, some other software or add-in has hijacked display of audio metadata preview -- like WMP.

All of the above are my best guesses. YMMV.

p.s. I also don't write any ID3v1 info. Here's an example of the type of scenarios where tags don't display via

could you tell us what the message says exactly?

Also: check Tools>Options>Tags whether there are any extensions in the list of file types.
Then: check if you have set a filter (press F3 to toggle the filter at the bottom) so that no matching files are displayed.

For every folder I go to the prompt "Please select a directory that contains audio files" appears at the top left of the window, and "No items match your search" appears in the file list window.

The "restrict incoming files to:" window contains a long list, among them *mp3, which of course is what I have.

Finally, F3 opens an empty filter box at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate any and all assistance.

All of my tag info was created with Creative Media Center software. For what it's worth, any mp3 file I pull up in Windows Explorer shows the tag info in addition to the file name. This leads me to believe that the tags are not the issue, at least not as far as Windows is concerned.

As Ohrenkino told you: This is the standard dialog when you change a directory.
The right window never shows files. As it is a dianlog for selecting folders it only shows folders.

Just mark the folder you want and select it with the button beneath the rigth window. When you do so MP3 will show your MP3s.

This behaviour is different to Windows XP. Wether it is also different in Windows 7 32 Bit I can't tell you. I never had Windows 7 32 Bit.

When a Windows browse dialog is looking for a directory it does not display files of ANY type or extension, only subdirectories (if any exist), this is the case in all Windows applications not just mp3tag.

You and Ohrenkino hit the nail on the head. I simply overlooked the option to "select" the directory. I hang my head for being so dense. Please chalk it up to old age and accept my sincere thanks for the efforts you (all) have devoted on my behalf. CASE CLOSED.