Filesize of cover after copy to and paste from clipboard

Dear all,

I got very valuable tips from this Forum and used them for the mp3tag-maintenance of my collection. The problem:

I did not include all covers into the mp3-files which I want to do now. When sorting for artist I may have 10 files of the same album, five of them with cover included, five not. The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy a cover into the clipboard and paste it into those files without cover.

BIG SURPRISE: The copied&pasted file is approx. three time larger then the original file


Help highly appreciated. I do not want to waste diskspace and I would like to know ┬┤the reason behind.

Thanks and regards, Bernd.

Using the clipboard transforms the format of the file into a non-compressed bitmap like BMP instead of the compressed jpg type.
So if you have alsreday covers stored in your files then the better way would be as follows:
Select all files.
Use an action (from toolbar Actions (Quick) to export the coverart without duplicates to a file %album%.jpg
Then use another action to import the covers back into the files with the filename %album%.jpg (don't keep old covers)
THis should supply covers to all tracks.

Hi again,

as always: immediate, competent response - all copied, all checked, will proceed accordingly.

Thank you very much, Bernd.