Fill accidentally emptied tag panel again


Somehow I have managed to hide or delete (hopefully not!) all the tags in the left hand tag panel, except for the Album Art.

The tags and associated data must be around somewhere, but I just can't seem to fin them.

I was simply wishing to add a new Genre entry, and see if I could make lists of the Artist, and Composer entries!

I'm sure they must be lurking somewhere!

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!


As first step you could try to open
File -> Options -> Tag Panel
and check if you can adjust/delete your last modified Tag Panel Field.

If that does not help, you could reset the Tag Panel to the default settings:

Try to open your Mp3tag configuration folder:
File -> Open configuration folder
Then doubleclick the \data folder in the automatically openend Windows File Explorer.
Inside the \data folder, delete the file

One drawback if you delete the file:
All your custom tags and modifications in the Tag Panel are gone.
The Tag Panel will be reset to the default settings.

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Have you saved your tag panel layout in the past? Right-click on any blank space in the tag panel. Then select Liad Configuration. You can load from here if you have it saved.

Thank you for your helpful advice. Unfortunately I haven't saved any configuration files in the past, but I will certainly do so in future! I have on Poweramp, and realise just how important this is!

I have found the file usrfields.ini and can delete it as you suggest.

Apart from the content of 'Genre' I haven't knowingly made too many customisations. When I finish entering each new CD's mp3 files, I do click in Convert, as this allows me to append the composer's name to each separate track automatically with a set spacing. Would that disappear, and, if so, should I take a look at the Convert settings, in order to be able to paste and copy, when usrfields.ini is deleted?

Once usrfields.ini is deleted, where will I find the option to select which tag I want to appear on the Tag Panel - presumably I can see which ones are currently showing, and just make a note of this?

Is there anything else I should do in advance of the deletion, to minimise the disruption?

This won't affect the actual data that fills each column - Composer, Artist, Genre etc, will it?

The best option is to regularly save your entire configuration inside Mp3tag with
File -> Save configuration
This would also include the usrfields.ini

According to my own test: No.
(I'm not sure, where exactly the history of your Convert entries will be saved)

File -> Options -> Tag Panel

See point #1, create a backup inside Mp3tag.

Because the metadata is filled inside your tracks. Not in Mp3tag. Mp3tag only loads this metadata from your tracks and show it according to your columns.

You can also try just to rename your usrfields.ini, for example to usrfields.ini.ORG
Then you could revert this step easily - if you think it would be necessary.

There is a saying, 'Strength Through Adversity', and this couldn't be truer with software, I think!

Although I'd actually deleted the Tag Panel and contents, I have now learnt a lot more about putting these items together from scratch, myself!

I am now confident in getting everything look, and function as I want it, rather than try to manipulate the default settings. Thank you, and Florian, in particular, for guiding down this path, and showing me what to do next - it's certainly given me a new lease of life, using MP3TAG!

I have just one question, which hopefully I didn't flag up earlier:

On the attached image, I have selected all the columns, but in reality, I wanted to select the content of ONE column only - say, Composer, or Artist, in order to come up with a similar drop-down list as I have already achieved with the Genre column.

I'm wondering whether this can be done by using Filter, or whether there is another leger de main that achieves the same result?

Many thanks, as ever! W

Have you solved the problem with the empty tag panel?
If you have a new problem, then please open a new thread.

You're welcome @Wolksby.

And please follow the advise from @ohrenkino and open a new thread for your new problem/question about the columns.This way it is much easier to search for a problem and (hopefully) a useful solution.

Thank you so much, and many apologies for not following the correct procedures and protocol, which I can see is not helpful to other members, and myself, of course.

I am opening a new problem/question about the columns' issue, as suggested.

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