Filling Title and Artist using only the Filename


Hello people from the greatest mp3-related program on the world :rolleyes: ,

I have an album, where the title and artist tags are empty.
Luckily the filenames are formatted like: %Artist% - %Title%
So I know its possible to fill out the filename with that line above,
but can it be done in reverse :flushed: ?

Waiting for a wonderful solution,

ps. This program kicks ass :w00t:


Try the function "Filename - Tag" in the menu Converter.
Enter a mask that consists of variables for the tags that should be filled with the information plus the separators between the desired data.
In your case this would be (as you have already written)
%Artist% - %Title%
The preview function should show you the upcoming result.



i just figured out what you ment.
it works great wow thanks dude!
thats great :smiley:

ps. thanks!