I have a large amount of music files, and I want to SORT or FILTER (ONLY BLANK Artist or Album Artist).

I have searched all of the MP3 Community and have found nothing that has worked thus far.
Can y'all advise?

Blessings, John

Maybe you are searching for the keyword MISSING?

And for the record:
There is no such thing as a BLANK artist or album. If a tag exists, it can't be empty/blank (even if you can not see it, like a space or some other special character). It can be missing = not exist, but there is no empty tag without any content.

%artist% MISSING OR %albumartist% MISSING

%artist% IS "" OR %albumartist% IS ""

The screenshot shows where the ARTIST field and ALBUM ARTIST fields are EMPTY.
I want to filter to where it ONLY shows the files where the ARTIST field or ALBUM ARTIST field is blank or empty.
Blessings, John

That's not exactly true. What you see in the Field List is a column called "Artist" and "Album Artist".
Some of your tracks shows content for Artist and/or Album Artist, others have no content.
These without content are not empty, they don't have an ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST tag at all.

But to find this tracks you can use the filter @ohrenkino already wrote above.

THAT WORKS! THanks, Thanks, and MORE Thanks

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