Filter argument to check composer info

I am wondering if the could be a filter argument to help identify differences in the composer details for the same track title different artist or maybe same track title same artist.
Just to help identify where differnces may be in the details.
in an effort to clean up my metadata (ongoing) of 130000 tracks.

If you are looking for an expression to check the contents between two or more files, then there is none.
You can compare the data in the current file but not whether a group of files has the same or different data.

Thank you for your reply.. Appreciated.

One workaround way - using a visual check (not a filter as asked) - could be to mark let's say all tracks from one album.
In the Tag Panel, you could visually check if the COMPOSER content is different from the ARTIST content.
If the content is the same on all selected tracks: You see the name itself.
If the content differs (even if only 1 track is different): You see <keep> as content in the tag field.

Here is a string that checks for 2 fields to be the same
"$if($eql(%artist%,%composer%),1,0)" IS 1
and here is a filter expression to check whether the data from ARTIST can be found in TITLE but in a different case:
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%title%),$lower(%artist%)),0,1)" IS "1" AND "$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,%artist%),0,1,0)" IS "0"

but none checks 2 or more files at a time.

I would assume: in more or less all of them.
If you ran a program that compares the contents of a particular tag field the current file with the data of the same field in the next file (or the previous, - does not matter), then you would get a hit as soon as the next artist or composer name pops up.
I interpret your query as that you want to find similar entries, like "The Beatles", "Beatles, The" and "Beatles" - but how should a filter "guess" how fat the similarity would go and where to stop?

Would "Earth & Fire" be something similar enough to "Earth, Wind & Fire" or should it include "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" or leave out all these hits?
Of if you have Branford, Ellis and Wynton Marsalis in your collection - are these similar artists or different ones?
So I think that you will have to spend the effort to go through your collection and check which names are prone to appear in variations and then use the filter in MP3tag and the replace function to condense all the variation to a single entity.

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