Filter by field size (filename)

I have a bunch of songs in my library that will not backup to my external hard drive because they are then stored a couple fodlers deeper on that hard drive and exceed the 255 character limit.

I'd like to filter my library by the string size of the filename field...and other fields as well such as album.

I'm guessing this is easy but I could not find a post that covers it.

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Hmm you can search for "shorten" "truncation" and such ...
... there is somewhat fitting ...
My filename truncation script
[X] NTFS path/file length exceeded;aq=f&oq=


Thanks....I ended up adding a custom column with a value of "$len(%_filename_ext%)". That shows the filename length and I can sort or filter on it.

I assume that adding this column in MP3Tag does not actaully add the field and values to the tags of my MP3 that correct?

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Any variation on this that could include the entire length of the directory and filename (e.g., C:\music\FLAC\Artist\Album\filename.ext)

I've figured out how to get directory length with %_directory% but this is only for the directory containing the file, not the complete directory/subdirectory length. help welcome.

Edit: And I can use both _directory and _parent_directory, but this only picks up first two directory levels. In most cases I have 3 or 4 levels (e.g., E:\music\codec\artist\album\disc#)

or just
should give the entire filepath.