Filter by path name

I was trying to figure out how to filter things by path name. Need some assistance.

I want to filter by this path /Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/

Is this possible?


I tried %_path% EQUAL "/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/"

It almost works correctly, I did see all the songs with this path but it shows two others which is not making sense.

/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/Promo/
/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/Spinstatz/

I'm not sure why it's not filtering out these ones but filtered out others. I noticed it filtered out tracks that matched corrected folder path as well.

So I tried, %_path% MATCHES "/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/"

This shows everything so it's not filtering based on the exact path name.

What am I missing?

Try using the term HAS in your filter.
%_path% HAS "/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/"

Thanks Motely, but HAS showed more non-matching tracks than EQUAL did.

It's just weird that EQUAL doesn't show only the tracks matching that path above.

Sorry, after reading your previous posts more carefully, I now see you want to get just this folder. Instead of HAS you can use IS to have it match exactly.

But in this case, I don’t think anything will change. The filter still grabs all files that are in this folder, and that includes those additional sub folders. You may need to get creative and add an additional filter term to exclude files from those sub folders.

The IS condition doesn't work at all for me. That's why I didn't go any further with it.

It's strange how EQUAL wouldn't just take that path in the string and filter anything that is not equal to that exact path.

A look at the documentation reveals that EQUAL compares numbers.

A path is not a number.
If the operator EQUAL expects a numeric expression in front and behind it then your filter evalutes to
as both strings are not numeric and therefore have the numeric value of 0.

Perhaps a filter for the _DIRECTORY gives better results.

I was looking at that but here's the funny thing. The directory field did not the yield good results either.

The path field with the equal condition yielded the best results which is strange.

Could you show us an example of a path that you do not want to appear?
Sreenshots are usually really helpful in such cases.

This should do the trick:

%_folderpath% IS "/Volumes/Scratch Live/scratchlive_songs/Singles/"

Thanks Florian, this syntax worked.

I'm using this as a workaround for filtering out recursive folder listing.

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