Filter Composer field for no separator

I was wondering if there could be a filter argument to filter instances in the composer field where the is either:

  1. No separator between composers eg "Bernie TaupinElton John"
  2. Or to filter on no separator but just a space. eg "Bernie Taupin Elton John"
    The separator I usually use is "; " eg "Bernie Taupin; Elton John"
    I have come across a some tracks where I have missed putting in a separator and I would like to correct them if possible without looking at every file.

%composer% MATCHES (?-i)\l\u
(But this will also find e.g. Paul McCartney)

How is MP3tag to know that these are 2 names?
To filter for COMPOSER with no ;
NOT %composer% HAS ;

Just generally: I don't know what you put in the composer field. But if it were e.g. the real names of people, Elton John would become "Reginald Kenneth Dwight" and Bernie Taupin "Bernard John Taupin".

David Bowie & Lulu would be
Marie McDonald McLaughlin Laurie and David Robert Hayward Stenton Jones

So it would be hard to define a rule like "has more than 3 space characters" to find those without separator.

Thankyou. I Will give them a try.

Out of 96000 files
%composer% MATCHES (?-i)\l\u
(But this will also find e.g. Paul McCartney)
came back with approx 46000 hits
2. To filter for COMPOSER with no ;
NOT %composer% HAS ;
came back with approx 5000 hits
Its just a matter of wading through and better than doing the whole 96000.
Have gone through using the above filters and found 253 instances that I corrected but it is easy to miss some I am guessing and is very bad on the eyes.
Would there possibly be a a way of identifying instances where a lower case letter is immediately followed by a capital letter as in my example "Bernie TaupinElton John"
ie where there is an instance of "nE" (obviously there would be other composer names so not just "nE" )?
If not I will do it the hard way.
Thanks again.

Ahem - %composer% MATCHES (?-i)\l\u is exactly the filter to find a lower case letter followed by an upper case like in TaupinElton.

I just applied it to a smaller set of files and found just a small number with OneRepublic, Kungs & StarGate, Engine-EarZ Experiment, Izo FitzRoy, BadBadNotGood, Gwen McCrae, √ľNN.
So please check if you really applied the filter correctly. Or it shows that you really have so many matching files.

Interesting although I copied and pasted the filter arguments from this article.. it came up with a lot more hits that included composer naming that did not have the mistake I was looking for.
I will double check it though .. may be set up a test senario to make sure I have in fact correctly put it in to the filter..
Given it was my mistake by not totally checking the composer data when I guess its sort of punishment for not doing it properly in the first place. Certainly takes longer to do this after the fact.
Thanks for your help.