Filter Expressions not working?

Hi! Maybe I do sth wrong, but when I use any filter expression, nothing happens (no results). Filter only works with single words. (Version 1.0.0-beta.7 (29)). Having any idea what's the problem?

You're not doing anything wrong :smiley: The filter is currently quite simple as it doesn't support any of the complex expressions that you're apparently used to.

It's on my list.

Thank you for the reply! As a newbie to Mp3Tag, I 'm trying to figure out how certain things can be done, especially with expressions (try to learn how to...) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also would appreciate use of expressions with the Mac version of MP3Tag. I'm trying to clean up files that lack cover art and wanted to use the filter: %_cover% MISSING or %_cover% = " " to speed up finding those that need cover art. Thanks for a great product!

I think the variable is called %_covers%.
(see the Documentation)

Yes, you are correct. I wasn't careful enough when I typed the expression. Thanks!

Any progress, time frame on when filter expressions will work on MacOS version? Thnx.