Filter Expressions not working?

Hi! Maybe I do sth wrong, but when I use any filter expression, nothing happens (no results). Filter only works with single words. (Version 1.0.0-beta.7 (29)). Having any idea what's the problem?

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You're not doing anything wrong :smiley: The filter is currently quite simple as it doesn't support any of the complex expressions that you're apparently used to.

It's on my list.

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Thank you for the reply! As a newbie to Mp3Tag, I 'm trying to figure out how certain things can be done, especially with expressions (try to learn how to...) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also would appreciate use of expressions with the Mac version of MP3Tag. I'm trying to clean up files that lack cover art and wanted to use the filter: %_cover% MISSING or %_cover% = " " to speed up finding those that need cover art. Thanks for a great product!

I think the variable is called %_covers%.
(see the Documentation)

Yes, you are correct. I wasn't careful enough when I typed the expression. Thanks!

Any progress, time frame on when filter expressions will work on MacOS version? Thnx.

Yes! I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.0 with support for Filter Expressions.

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