Filter failure

Anyone know why this filter GILBERT AND SULLIVAN is not excluding tracks that don't contain GILBERT and AND and SULLIVAN?

It is as if AND is being misinterpreted as an operator. esp. since changing to ANd worksaround. I see nothing in the docs that says it should be interpreted as an operator, given that this input does not meet the specification of a filter expression.

Try with quotes:

"GILBERT" "SULLIVAN" to get the result you want in the screenshot


"GILBERT AND SULLIVAN" to specifically get that string

I think those quotes are redundant. But anyway, that fails to exclude files not containing AND.

That fails to include SULLIVAN AND GILBERT.

Thanks for the suggested workarounds, but I think the one I mentioned works 100%.

Gilbert Sullivan And
gilbert gullivan and
gilbert and sullivan

These work too, but anyway, needing to search AND is overkill IMO. And you will get the same results without it. Just be glad of a free program.

Reread what I said.

You're mistaken. Omitting AND introduces false matches with files not containing AND.

The better workaround is to write ANd.

I am very glad of this free program.

That's why I have paid (so far) 130 EUR for it. And why I bother to make bug reports to improve it.