Filter filenames that don't conform to set format


I have over 11,000 mp3's and noticed a couple of filenames that did not conform to my standard which is

Artist - AlbumTitle - TrackNo - TrackTitle

Is it possible to create a filter that will show me the filenames that do not conform to this structure?



You can't check the field contents in the filter, but filtering by
and inverting the result will show you all files that don't match your naming scheme.


Thanks for this, but it does not seem to work. I am using the _FILENAME field to filter on.
For instance if I have a filename that says

Artist - AlbumTitle - TrackNo -TrackName (note the missing space just before the track title), this filter does not exclude it and then include it on an Invert. It just carries on including it in the first place.



Use .* - .* - .* - .*to specify your standard, then [X] invert to show the non-compliants.