Filter for Albums with Year Field not the same

I cannot figure out how to filter so I can find albums where the year field for each track is not the same. This is common on some "Best Of" and "Greatest Hits" albums that tag data contained original release year of the track rather than the release date of the actual album.

Does anybody have some suggestions so I can filter these albums to be corrected?

MP3tag does not compare data between files. And therefore MP3tag does not know anything about albums.

If you have the year stored as well in e.g. the folder name, you can check if the data from YEAR ist part of the folder name. Otherwise, you have to resort to an export and compare the fields of different files with an external application.

"$ifgreater($strstr(%_path%,%year%),0,yes,no)" IS no

Thank you for this suggestion. I exported the files and filtered in Excel to find the albums I was looking for. With both Excel and MP3Tag open, it was actually pretty quick to fix them all in a library containing 20k+ files.